Tell it like it is

I love the honesty of children. They usually say what is on their mind and always ask the questions that everyone else is too scared to ask.

Today, while Leah and I shared a bowl of grapes, she turned to me, cupped her chubby little hands on my face and looked me straight in the eye.

We sat there for a few seconds while her eyes moved from my forehead, to my cheeks, and then my chin. At first, it was a little awkward. I smiled and began to soak in her sweet baby face, that faint tiny little mole above her right eyebrow, her round cheeks and the adorable cowlick that parts her hair perfectly without much effort.

Then she said, “You loot lite me mommy.” She still substitutes the “k” with the “t” sound, which I think is charming.

She pointed to her eye and said “You eyes are boo (blue) too!”

Smitten with my sweet little one I returned, “I know baby, we both have blue eyes.”

She paused for a second, examined my face again and said, “Our stin (skin) is the same too.”

“That’s right baby. I’m your mommy so we look the same. I have a cowlick like you.” And I touched the spot on her hairline. She then reached up and touched my forehead, mirroring what I did.

Then she opened her heart-shaped little mouth and said, “I not have you nose, mommy. You nose is big.”

Leah’s Life Lesson…Tell it like it is.


Look at these sweet freckles
Look at these sweet freckles

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