My name is Nickie and I am the mom of two great kids both of whom are very precious to me because I had to work so hard to bring them into this world.  I have been married, since 1997 to a wonderful man and father who is sweet and sensitive. Some days, I wonder why he puts up with me.

I have worked for over 20 years with adults and children who have intellectual disabilities and developmental delays. At work, every day is completely different from the next and I get to meet families from all walks of life.  The fact that my son struggles with sensory processing disorder, allows me to be more empathetic toward the families with whom I work.

I was raised in a small farming community in eastern North Carolina where I learned the importance of working hard and being an active part of a community.  I am FAR from perfect but, I strive to appreciate the small things in life and not judge a book by its cover. I don’t consider myself overly religious however I am spiritual.

Life can get confusing and overwhelming yet, some days it seems simple and beautiful. One way that I am able to make sense of this life that is mine, is to write. These are my stories, my thoughts and my chro-NICK-les.


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